Blackjack Online

There is a lot to be said for simply trying your luck at blackjack. But before you get started, you should first familiarize yourself with the exact variant of blackjack that is played in the respective casino. Especially in online casinos, there is often a considerable selection of different gaming tables on which different variants of blackjack are played. However, as a player, you should know about the small but subtle peculiarities of the respective game variants of blackjack. Although these differences usually only apply to some special cases in the game, they can certainly have an impact on the house advantage and thus even be useful to the player. Therefore, in the following we will take a look at the most important variants of Blackjack and present them briefly. We will also discuss some special variants of blackjack game tables, which are mainly found in online casinos. Last but not least, we will tell you some tips on how to find the right blackjack gaming table in a casino near you or in an online casino.

The Standard Blackjack

Standard Blackjack

Standard Blackjack is the most widespread variant of Blackjack and is offered in almost all casinos and casinos in the world. The goal of the game is to get your cards to a value of exactly 21, or at least as close to it as possible. However, the 21 points may not be exceeded under any circumstances. This basic principle of the game is also valid in different variants, but the rules differ in some special cases. The questions of whether it is still allowed to double after a card split or how the croupier must behave when he is at 17 points are handled differently in different variants. However, since standard blackjack is the basis for all other variants of the game, it undoubtedly pays to always familiarize yourself with the standard version of blackjack first.

The difference between blackjack and live blackjack

For a long time, the results of playing blackjack in online casinos were decided by highly sophisticated random number generators. The entire game experience and process was executed and displayed electronically. The realistic game results were calculated randomly. The new Live Blackjack at the online casino brings human contact back into the game: the random generators have been replaced by real live dealers and playing cards again, so that the gaming experience for players is as realistic as possible. In Live Blackjack, a real dealer sits in a studio of the casino operator or game provider and behaves just like in any ordinary casino.

Double Exposure Blackjack

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The special thing about Double Exposure Blackjack is that the playing cards of the croupier or live dealer are visible to the player before he decides to take another card. What looks like a big advantage for the player at first glance, however, is made up for in Double Exposure Blackjack by a slightly lower payout in the event of a win. Moreover, the croupier wins even in the case of a tie (unless both parties have reached 21). As far as the mathematical probability of winning is concerned, the standard version and the double exposure blackjack are about the same. However, many players prefer the latter version because it is more fun to play.

Pontoon Blackjack

Pontoon Blackjack is much more different from the standard version. Here, new cards can be taken even if the player is below 15 points and even 10s can be split so that you can continue playing with 2 hands afterwards. Thus, in this variant of Blackjack it is possible to play a hand with only 2 cards and at the same time also play a hand with up to 5 cards. In many cases, the bet can also be doubled for each card drawn. Pontoon Blackjack is therefore a lot more challenging than the standard variant. Players should familiarize themselves with the exact table rules at any table where they intend to play Pontoon Blackjack.

Blackjack Surrender

The term Surrender means to give up. And this is exactly what makes this Blackjack variant so special: after receiving the first playing cards, the player has the option to surrender his starting hand directly and get half of his bet back in return. This is the only difference from standard Blackjack. Especially experienced blackjack players often choose this variant, because you can immediately get rid of an unfavorable hand and start a new game. However, even blackjack experts should inform themselves in advance about the exact rules of the table, because sometimes a distinction is made between an early surrender and a late surrender.

Total beginners in blackjack are best served at the online casino with the electronic standard blackjack. The game results here are determined by the random number generator, there are generous time limits in which the player can make his decisions and the minimum bet per game is very low. This is the perfect place for beginners to get familiar with the game of blackjack.