traveling the world

Everyone wants to work while they are traveling and enjoying the wonders of the world. Since the pandemic, an increasing number of professionals have gotten used to working remotely. Still, some professions require you to come in the office, while others can be done from a distance. In this article, we want to explore the possibilities for working while traveling. We will tell you which skills can be monetized to enjoy the best the world has to offer and make it part of your lifestyle.

Benefits of learning new skills

As a professional, you will be paid more if you develop the right set of skills. If you are a valuable addition to the team, you can leverage your position to get paid enough to enjoy world’s best resorts and still have money left over for saving.

A simple rule of thumb is that the more difficult the skill is, the more you can leverage it to earn a good salary. Good programmers get paid between thirty to hundred dollars an hour. You can find a comfortable place to live in South East Asia for one day’s work. In short, as long as you have a valuable skill, you can work minimal hours and still have enough to live comfortably while traveling.

In this article, we will list skills and online occupations that allow you to earn at least $1000 every month.

Being a virtual assistant


We’ll start with a most basic skill – providing the services of a virtual assistant. Anyone with a decent knowledge of English can become a virtual assistant. This job itself covers a lot of roles. If you are technically proficient, you’ll be able to help your employer with a bigger variety of tasks. The more valuable you are to the project, the higher salary you are going to get. So being a skillful virtual assistant might allow you to make more money than you think. If you have any money left over, deposit it to BobCasino and have fun playing games.

Work as a translator

Having solid skills in two or more languages will allow you to earn good money from translation. If you’re a native of one of the European languages living abroad, you can use your status as a native to get more business from local clients. If you have good writing skills, and good knowledge of two different cultures, you can also offer localization services to command a higher income.

Work as a writer

Writing is a skill that everyone thinks they have, but there are actually only a few good writers. Establishing yourself as a good writer can help you make a good living. Still, the field is very broad, so it’s a good idea to narrow your focus. Technical writers tend to be well compensated. If you can combine SEO skills with your writing skills, you are also likely to earn a premium rate per word.

Work as a programmer

Finally, we have hard technical skills like programming. Good developers are always in demand, and if you have a little bit of a portfolio to show off, you can surely find a well-paid job as a programmer. Good chances are, working part time as a programmer is going to be enough to cover your costs. You can use your free time to learn surfing or engage in other activities on the beach.